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About Us
H.A.S.I. in attempt to better serve the community applied and obtained its non-profit status on
Thursday, May 15, 2008.
Granted 501 (c) 3 Status on June 4, 2010.
Helping All Students to Independence (H.A.S.I.) established in 1994, by a local college instructor named Mrs. Grayson, which took on the responsibility of Student Advisor, and by doing so; she discovered that there was much to do to help the students. Coming from a similar background, the student’s hardships and struggles really hit home with her. However, the turning point came when a student told her in confidence a story about a student living in her car. It turns out that each day the student would come in, wash up in the lavatory, then dress, and go to class. In addition to students having to stay home due to lack of day care and family support, most of the students were one paycheck out on the streets, in addition to having to assist students in escaping homes of domestic violence. As a staff member, there was very little she could do, her hands were tied by policy. Therefore, she referred students, invited in social service agencies, and offered prayer.
Nevertheless, she still felt that there was more that could be done; she found herself at the computer typing up bylaws and regulations for an organization consisting of students, ran by students, and financed by students. The idea would be to start small and build. Believing and trusting in God, Mrs. Grayson decided to trial run the program during night classes. To show how good God is, the Director was soon to return from his corporate trip, and so she approached him with the idea. To her surprise, he said to her that the directors had discussed starting organizations or clubs on campus, and he gave her permission to proceed. Mrs. Grayson felt a calling on her life, and often will say she cannot believe that was 15 years ago. Many past members have touched her, and she them.
The organization continues to be blessed with thirty members today and growing. When asked what has held her and H.A.S.I. together, she said, "it has nothing to do with me; it is by prayer and God’s grace:” As for me, it is the Lord that gives me strength, and the joy in knowing that we are making a difference. Every time, I have wanted to give up and say forget it, He opens another door, window, or shows me another path to take. Then he sends me wonderful people such as Fonda McClain my right hand, and my husband Dave. My husband has always been supportive and patient, even when I sometimes put us in debt to keep H.A.S.I. going, but God provides for us.
Through the H.A.S.I. organization, we have been able to make a difference in the lives of many people. H.A.S.I. has raised money for families faced with homelessness, and rendered financial support for students and families to pay utilities, rent, or even tuition. H.A.S.I. assembled care packages for needy families, sponsored-clothing drives for fire victims, as well as Christmas toy drives for student’s children. Yet, H.A.S.I. does not seek after praise or a pat on the back, but what we do ask is that one passes the act of kindness on, if we do for you, then turn around and do for others. You will not be able to conceal the “Joy” that you will derive from giving.
In 2009, we began to branch off into many directions such as, philanthropy, academic, and career development. However, our goal remains the same to make a difference in the lives of people, by helping others create their own opportunities; by providing them with the tools and support.
We ask for everyone's prayers that we continue to grow and stay faithful to our mission.
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