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Frequently asked Questions
1.      What is H.A.S.I.?
Answer:  H.A.S.I. is a non-profit multi-purpose organization, which is run by students from different backgrounds, educational disciplines, and ages. These students come together to assist other students and non-students academically or financially (when funds are available).  We promote independence, by helping students create, opportunities for self-advancement by assisting them develop the tools to promote and start their own projects that may generate income.
2.     What are the services you provide?
Answer:  Our H.A.S.I. members and volunteers work to raise funds for students who need a "HAND-UP" and not a "hand-out.”  Whether helping a student with transportation issues, such as bus-tickets or gas-money, or other needs such as tutoring, food, and clothing donation drives, helping  with household finances or sometimes when funds are available rent, and even assisting with finding housing.
3.     Does H.A.S.I. have officers?
Answer:   Just as with all organizations, H.A.S.I. does have a Chief Operating Office and founder, President, Vice President, as well as a board of directors, Secretary, and Treasurer. Student and non-student volunteers fill all these positions. However, we select H.A.S.I. members for their dedication and hard work. The officers are hand picked by the adviser(s) there are no elections held. This eliminates a popularity contest and assures the student(s) who work the hardest are recognized and promoted accordingly.
4.     How does one qualify for financial assistance?
Answer:  To qualify for financial assistance, one has to be a student, presently attending a college, either community or proprietary, have a part-time job or recieve governmental subsidy. The applicant must submit a detailed explanation why he/she needs assistance; along with all paperwork and documents needed for approval. H.A.S.I. pays all funds directly to the vendor or creditor.
5.     How can I help?
Answer:  In these economic stressful times, some of us find ourselves in a crisis financially; especially students that are seeking education as a way to improve their social and economic status.  With that said, H.A.S.I. is always looking for volunteers to assist with fund-raisers, as well as donations from other charitable organizations and schools.
6.     I noticed that you offer chapters. How does it work?
Answer:  Schools are welcome to open a chapter at their campus by simply filling out the contact us form and providing us with their information such as; name of campus, and the name(s) of your adviser(s).  Each chapter is responsible for a one time administrative processing fee of $250.00 and a $10.00 induction fee per each student in the organization due prior to induction in the organization.
7.     Why the dues and the administrative fees?
Answer:  The dues will go into the student help fund, which is open to all students that qualify. A portion of the fees is for administrative purposes (H.A.S.I. Start up packet), and to sponsor fundraising events that will be utilized to grow and expand the organization’s resources to help others, both students and non-students.
8.    How will this benefit the students inducted?
Answer: The students will receive a certificate of recognition and recommendation letter from our Founder upon graduation. Students will also be able to continue to participate as alumni after graduation. Affiliation with this organization will help students build leadership qualities, teamwork, and show additional extracurricular activities that impress most employers; H.A.S.I. will list the name of the school and its members on our website. In addition, the students will have permissions to use the organization’s name on resumes and within business correspondences.
9.     How does one become member of H.A.S.I.?
Answer: an instructor, adviser, fellow classmate, or member can recommend a student. A student must have a GPA of 2.5 or better. H.A.S.I. is not an academic organization but a charitable organization. However, there are bylaws, rules, and regulations, governing student’s eligibility. Once a member, he/she must be of good moral character, and exhibit professionalism at all times. H.A.S.I. is not an elitist academic organization, which rejects students that may not exhibit academic aptitude, but has a zeal for helping others. Employers usually do not inquire about grades, however, they do inquire about social and interpersonal communication when requesting a reference for students. However, grades do weigh heavily when applying to college, yet most colleges have made extracurricular activities a benchmark as part of their enrollment process.
10. How much time are students expected to dedicate to H.A.S.I.?
Answer: that is actually up to the advisers, and the type of programs or fundraisers planned. The students may have fundraisers once a month, three times a month, or during classes using rotating shifts. Students will also have the opportunities to assist with health fairs over the weekend.  Though the activities are fun, good for retention, and campus morale, the emphasis must be on education as the student’s first priority. If any student finds that he/she cannot live up to his/her responsibility, the adviser or president can ask that student to step down until the student grades improve.
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